Kollel Boker Zichron Boruch

Miami Beach, FL

Kollel Boker Zichron Boruch was started for the purpose of giving students and professionals the opportunity to grow in their understanding of Torah.  Each day, students and professionals alike join together in a Yeshiva-style environment for an hour of Torah study.  Participants are paired up with a learning partner (chavrusa) and are given a booklet containing the relevant Torah sources to complete by the end of the week.  The content of these booklets address specific areas of Jewish law related to the portion of the Talmud being studied.  At the end of each week, one of the participants delivers a group lecture (chabura) to the entire group based on that week’s learning.  These presentations add additional insights and analyses that not only contribute to the depth of understanding of the material, but also enhance the sense of unity among participants based on their common love of Torah study.